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Better now than never

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately. VERY BUSY. Back home in Edmonton. Lost 13 lbs total! Starting with a trainer soon.. Just turned 21! Started babysitting and teaching cologuard again. Currently sick.. I need to get checked out :( .. I keep putting it off because Im busy BUT. I will get it done soon! Love you all and I will post more often once my routine is in place! <3 YALL

Day 4 & 5 & 6 & 7(today)

Been resting my legs from crossfit the last 2 days. Going from 0 exersize to everyday is hard. Friday Night was a good time. Kelley and I went to Casa Cafe visiting her good friend who was threatend to be killed by her husband. He owns 2 guns. Scary stuff. Beer and Margaritas for the ladies. Obviously friday night was my cheat meal. We had nachos and cheese&beef dip.I had one drink but I though I would drive due to me not wanting to die in a horrific car accident. Then as we were heading home Kelleys friend’s son of 17yrs  (different friend) was driving in the country, caught the side of the road and hit the ditch hard. Im not talking about your average ditch.. he went 100 feet down a hill through a barbed wire fence, over rocks, and into a creek. He wasn’t hurt thank goodness. So it took us forever to find him with no street lights signs nothing. THEN as we are about to leave the SUV pretty much ran out of gas.. I tried three times. So kell said pop it into neutral and roll till your facing upwards at the hill.. I did.. She got it started and we luckily made it to a gas station.. where she was like.. go try and buy liquor. 1st off theres a cop filling up with gas.. and im like are you shitting me?! By this time its like 1:45am and im like efff I just want to sleep hahah. So I go in to the beer cooler.. oh yeah they sell liqor at gas stations WTF? , and she follows me in.. the guy comes in and says. hey ladies sorry its county law that we stop selling liquor at 1am. ANOTHER WTF!? SO we headed home.. its past 2.. and shes like.. IM GETTING You up for a walk tomorrow morning.. i said uh NO.. she kept saying YEP.. I was like ” You could gang rape me in the ass with a cucumber and I still would’nt get my ass out of bed ” .. she couldn’t stop laughing..and said okok.

However I still had to get my ass up to head to Brandons Baseball game!!! (His team Madison Express won the tourney!) .. Adam had a bit of a whine-fest.. so Kelley asked me to watch him at home for the afternoon. We had a good time! I made lunch for the both of us, I cleaned the living room & kitchen (adam helped), exersized on the elliptical, showered, watched some Power Rangers Samuri , and then watched pirates of the Caribbean. 

Later that day Kelley and I went for a 4km walk and I jogged the last bit! I pushed hard and it was great! 

Day 4

PART 1: 4KM Walk
B: H.N. Cheerios
PART 2: Stretching & Rest Legs
L: Small Caeser Salad & Cup of Potatoe Soup & Diet Coke
D: Oil & Lemon Pasta, Salad, and Chicken
Part 3: 4KM Walk

 Day 5

PART1: Break
B: H.N. Cheerios
PART 2: Laps & Stretching at Madison Indoor (Soccer Center)
D: … Cheat day.. Daquiri, Beef&Cheese Nachos and Salsa.
PART3: Saving lives

Day 6
B: H.N. Cheerios

PART1: Rest Legs in the AM
L:  Healthy MicroWave Meal
D: Corn on the Cob, Small Baked Potato, Chicken
PART 2: Walk 4KM

Day 7
B: Slept in and missed it 
Part 1: 4KM Walk
L: Healthy Asian bowl
Part 2: Sunday Funday - Shootin guns
Part 3: Probably 4KM

Day 3& Introductions

Well, today was rough.. however I pushed myself extra hard. I didn’t vomit or cry today. Almost. But not quite. 

There were thunderstorms this morning which put off our morning walk. However I didn’t mind. Due to my legs being so sore that they cramp up every 5 steps. Im going for a walk in a while though. Probably around 3-4km. Music sure helps you ignore the fact that you are excersizing. Maybe Ill do the elliptical, haven’t fully decided yet. 

Getting on the 3 hour time change was pretty easy (Thank Goodness).
When I have long days I enjoy a good nap. Usually its after lunch (2ish) for an hour and a half or so.. until the boys get home from school. Usually I walk to pick them up unless I had a rough day. I picked them up today because unfortunately I didn’t get a nap.

Kelley has gone to drop Brandon off at Baseball practice, and then shes off to give lessons tonight. So I’ll be doing my walk alone tonight. Which I surprisingly don’t mind. I can give my own pace and stop if I really need to. Close out the world and listen to some tunes.

I have also realized that many of you have no idea who these people are when I talk about them in my blogs. Here is your introduction.
Kelley - My Sister/Aunt. Raised by the same woman, but technically different mothers (Dads Sister)
Jane - Her P.I.C. Softball Coach at EKU (Easter Kentucky University
Adam - My Nephew/Cousin, Kelley’s First son. Age 9 (10 on Sept 6th)
Brandon - 2nd Nephew/Cousin, Kelley’s Second Son Age 8
Megan - Jane’s Assistant Coach at EKU, and good friend of Kelley and Jane

Kelley and Megan both are Cross Fit certified. If you dont know what Cross Fit is, google it.. I had to. Its like P90X instructor.. etc.. hard to explain. Megan is great shes pushing me hard.. Kelley is too but I find Megan is a little nicer doing it.. well sometimes ha.

Now last but not least the day in a list.


PART 1: Walk Cancelled due to Thunderstorm
B: Honey Nut Cheerios
PART 2: Cross Fit Training; Rowing, Skipping, Rope whip, Plank, Sit-ups, Step-Ups, Tire Flips, Push Press, and Farmers walk. ; 1.5 Gatorade
L: Left overs, Carrots, Cauli, Pork Tenderloin, Salad
P/U Boys from school .5KM
D: Lemon Spiced Pasta, Talopia(White Fish), and Pea Pods, Water
PART 3: Walk to come. not sure about the length yet.

Thats my day so far. Ill continue to blog for those of you who care. Im also blogging for me to track my progress. Hopefully things get easier. On a good note tomorrow is the last day of 3-a-days until Monday. The weekends are only walks and any fun activities we do. :D My legs need a rest haha. 
Updates to come! <33

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